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Science, Technology and the Environment


Welcome to the subject guide for Science, Technology and the Environment.

It introduces you to resources that you will find helpful in completing your studies.

Under Library Essentials you'll find resources that will help you make the best use of the university's Library Service.

Each page in this guide highlights resources which you may find useful for your particular area of study - it is  not meant to be an exhaustive list. 

If you are asked to login in to any resources, use your Student or Staff ID and password.

For further support in accessing the resources for your course, please contact the Subject Network Librarian whose details are available on this page.

Discovering quality information for your studies

Library Search

This service provides a ‘Google-like’ way of searching many sources at the same time. The process of finding information from both the physical and digital parts of the library has become so much simpler.

To borrow print books, please follow the guidance for your College Library.

To see the titles of all the articles in your search please login to Library Search before (or after) you have done your search.  The login button is at the top right of the Library Search home page

In Library Search with just one search box you can discover material from all the following sources:

  • Print books and materials at the UHI partner libraries
  • Newspaper articles
  • eJournal articles
  • eBooks
  • Conference proceedings

 and more.

The results will be listed in order of relevance.  You can use the side bar to refine your search by publication date, content type, location, language, subject terms and so on. 

When you find anything that interests you, just click on the link.  If the material is online, you will be asked for your UHI login then taken to the material question.  If the item is a print book, the full catalogue details will appear.

You can also use the Advanced Search option to make your search very specific – by combining author, title, date etc. This is especially useful when using very common search terms.

If you need help getting the most out of Library Search please contact your Academic Partner library staff.

If you have any technical difficulties, or if a link appears to be broken, please go to the UniDesk and log a call.


tals company logo Module Resource Lists are interactive lists of core, recommended and additional reading for HE modules across the university, providing a single point of access to:

  • real-time information on library book availability
  • easy links to online resources, including eBooks, articles, databases
  • videos from sites like, youtube and other multimedia
  • freely available resources that your lecturer has chosen
  • the ability to save your most frequently used lists and other personalisation features detailed in this guide

The following short video highlights some of the main features of the resource lists site. It is best viewed in full screen mode.

Finding your lists

There are a few ways of finding lists in the system. You can browse the module hierarchy or easily search for lists using the module title or code.

As you start typing, the system will start suggesting lists and narrowing the results down the longer you type.

finding a list

As you type, you will see that there is a module and list. The Resource Lists are at list level, which sit inside the module. If you click on a module first, there is a then a further link to open the list.

It's likely that your lecturer will have embedded your reading list in Brightspace or perhaps sections of weekly reading in your module course materials. This can vary slightly depending on the course. 

If your list has not been embedded in Brightspace, you can also access the Module Resource Lists system from the Brightspace navigation bar which is visible in all HE modules.

brightspace navbar