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Resource Lists (Staff)

What is list rollover?

Each year all published Resource Lists are rolled over to create a copy of the list for the new academic year. The next list rollover will take place on Friday 17th June 2022. The process can take a few days and you should do not make any changes to your lists until it is complete. Once list rollover is complete, you can start making changes to lists for the upcoming academic year.

What do I have to do?

Prior to Rollover

Academic list editors and librarians should ensure that any lists that they want rolled over are published before the rollover date as draft lists or published lists with unpublished changes do not rollover.

There is no need to copy your individual lits into the new academic year as the system will do this for you. If you have already copied a list to the new academic year, or started again from scratch, the rollover will not replace your copied list.

During Rollover

Please do not edit Resource Lists during the rollover as chnages may not be carried into the lists for the new academic year.

After Rollover

New lists will now have been created for the upcoming academic year. The list level URLs for 21/22 will differ from the 20/21 ones. This means that if you use the direct URLs in your learning materials you will need to update them for the new academic year. It's important to note the hierarchy module URL does not change, so if you are linking at hierarchy level you will not need to make any changes. For example:

What is History? (UV207228) - Hierarchy Level

Hierarchy URLs with the module code are static and do not change

What is History? (UV207228) 20/21 - List Level

There will be a new URL for list level after rollover.

Rather than using URLs, you might want to consider embedding your list content directly in the VLE using the LTI integration. There is a short video demonstration elsewhere in this guide. You may have to relink lists and list sections in your Brightspace modules following the rollover process.

Once rollover is complete, any subsequent edits should be made to the new version of the list. There are details in the Publishing and Review page on when to submit for review or publish changes immediately.

The new lists will not automatically appear in your 'My Lists' area. Search for your lists and add the new versions by clicking '+My Lists'.

If the module  tutor for new academic year is changing, you can change ownership of the list by clicking 'Edit' and then 'Assign List Owner', and selecting 'Assign to me' in the pop-up box.

What happens to old lists?

Once the new academic year begins, the lists from the previous year are archived and will no longer be visible or searchable on the system. Any direct links to lists for the previous academic year will no longer work (see above). It is not possible to retrieve an archived list, although content can be copied from an archived list to an emptry list.

Further support

For HE lists, your subject librarian will be able to advise about rollover and other aspects of reading list creation and editing. You can also open a ticket on the self-service portal.

For FE lists, please contact your local partner librarian or open a ticket on the self-service portal.

The reading list system vendor, Talis, also has an FAQ section on their website with more information for librarians and academics.