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Subject Librarians' Guide

A Guide to the processes and tasks undertaken by Subject Librarians

Subject Network Librarians at the University of the Highlands and Islands

Welcome to the Subject Network Librarians' Guide 

This guide is intended to help you perform the duties of a Subject Network Librarian (SNL) at the University of the Highlands and Islands. 

Each Subject Network has a specialist Librarian attached for a ring-fenced 10.5 hours per week. The funding for these hours comes from the university, though the SN Librarians are all librarians employed at academic partner libraries and are involved in the delivery of library services there.

You are responsible to the University Librarian for the work undertaken in this role, though your employment contract will still be with your employing Academic Partner. Leave requests and absence reporting is still through your Academic Partner institution, though it is always helpful if you let the University Librarian know of any upcoming periods of leave, or if you are to be on sick leave for any length of time.

A separate Libguide on using the Reading List Software, aimed at staff and students,can be found at the Module Resource Lists Libguide.