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Subject Librarians' Guide

A Guide to the processes and tasks undertaken by Subject Librarians

Memorandum of Understanding - Template


MOU Template - 2018

Memorandum of Understanding between The University of the Highlands and Islands and  ******* College UHI 

Regarding the provision of Subject Network Librarian Services – 10.5 hours per week 



******* College UHI will provide 10.5 hours per week of. The service will be provided by ***** at ******  

The Role 

The role of the Subject Network Librarian will be to act as the library liaison contact between the  university’s libraries and the ***** Subject Network  

The Subject Network (SN) Librarian will assist the Programme and Module leaders of the appropriate Subject Networks in selecting and making available the Core and Recommended reading for each module.  

  • This will involve investigating availability and costs of resources, assisting with the creation of the lists and signing off on official Resource Lists for the Approval and Reapproval Processes.  

  • The SN Librarian will manage the Resource Lists made available through the university’s reading list software (currently Rebus:List).  

  • The SN Librarian will attend the monthly ANARE meetings, where decisions are taken, in conjunction with the eResources Manager, on the subscriptions and renewals for electronic resources and will obtain opinion and intelligence from the teaching staff of the Subject Network as to the ongoing need for any resources being renewed or requested  

  • The SN Librarian will advise the eResources Librarian of eBooks requiring purchase for Module Resource Lists.  

  • The SN Librarian will advise Academic Partner librarians of new Module Resource Lists, or changes to these Lists, and liaise with the purchasing librarians as to number and location of copies.  

[Symbol][Symbol][Symbol][Symbol][Symbol]The SN Librarian will develop and maintain guidance on learning resources for students in the  various subject areas covered by the Subject Network  

  • By maintaining, updating and developing the online LibGuides.  

  • By deepening the coverage of the LibGuides  

  • By contact with library staff and students across the partnership. Where possible, there should be a regular time slot per week identified for students to access the SN Librarian directly. This could take the form of appointments, or an online drop-in clinic.  

The SN Librarian will be the key contact between the Subject Network and the Library Service. The post holder will liaise closely with faculty and SN staff to ensure that they are aware of developments within the network, and will be the conduit for disseminating information about subject networks to the wider library team.  


Hours Worked 

  • Hours worked will be 10.5 per week, though it is appreciated that this may include weeks where more or less hours are worked. This should average out across each month 

  • Hours may be worked in either blocks of advertised time, or throughout the officer’s working week. In the latter case, a record should be kept by the officer to ensure that the number of hours worked matches the amount contracted 

  • The post holder will carry out the role whilst in the Library of *******College 


Line Management 

  • The post holder’s principal line manager will continue to be as designated by the academic partner 

  • For the purposes of the seconded hours, the post holder will report to the University Librarian, with whom ultimate responsibility for the role will lie 

  •  Funding for any training, travel and accommodation relating to the role will be at the discretion of the University Librarian 

  • Holiday and sickness absence will continue to be managed by the Academic Partner, but the post holder should advise the library communities of any upcoming leave or other foreseeable absences 


Review Period and Notice of Termination 

  • This agreement will last for one calendar year.   

  • In the event of the resignation of the current post holder, the university reserves the right to appoint a replacement from any academic partner within the University of the Highlands and Islands, or externally.  


  • ***** College UHI, as the employing Academic Partner of the post holder will be compensated at rate of £12,000 per subject network.   

  • The university will be invoiced by the college, quarterly in arrears   

  • The College can decide how to best use the funds to provide the role of Subject Network Librarian, with the proviso that funds are expected to be used within the library environment, either to employ backfill, or to offer additional hours to a part time post holder. 

Period of Agreement 

The service will commence on the and will continue for one calendar year.  

Signed and dated 









On behalf College UHI 











John Maher 

Director, Learning Information Services 

On behalf of The University of the Highlands and Islands