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Resource Lists (Staff)

What are bookmarks?

Before creating or editing a list, start by bookmarking the titles, articles, videos etc that you want to add. Once bookmarked, these resources can then be added to a reading list(s). Bookmarks are also saved to your ‘My Bookmarks’ area for future use, they do not have to be added to a list immediately. Your bookmarks are can store 250 items. Deleting a bookmark from the ‘My Bookmarks’ area does not remove it from any lists you have added it to.  

You can search our existing print and electronic holdings on Library Search and add directly from there, or from a great many publications to which access has been purchased by the university library service. Where possible, bookmark print and electronic books from Library Search, as Talis will then display library book availability within the reading list and also the correct links to electronic books. It also greatly assists the library by ensuring the correct version of a title is purchased for library stock.  

In addition to Library Search, there are over 300 sites that you can bookmark from. Many of these are resources and electronic collections that the university subscribes to. A full list is available on the Talis support site:  Where can I bookmark from?

The videos on this page introduce the bookmarking process.

Bookmarking resources

This video demonstrates how to bookmark resources in a few easy steps (view full screen). Please note: Multisearch has now been repalced by Library Search. The process for bookmarking is basically the same.

Within the media player the 'CC' button can be used to toggle closed captions on/off.

Adding manual entries

How to add manual entries if you are unable to bookmark a particular resource (view full screen)

Within the media player the 'CC' button can be used to toggle closed captions on/off.