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Resource Lists (Staff)


Once you have added new resources to your reading list you have the option to send your list for review or publish immediately. The option you choose will depend on the types of resources you have added to your list and whether or not the changes require the library to purchase new materials.

When to request a review

The option to send a list for Review can be found in Edit > Request Review at the top of each list. Once submitted for Review, the library service will receive a notification that a review has been requested and it will be processed by the relevant librarian.

Request a review if:

  • You have created a brand new reading list
  • You have added new textbooks to your resource list. Even if the library already has copies of the book, it may be necessary to purchase further copies or check whether an eBook version is available.
  • You have bookmarked a new edition of a book that the library does not already have
  • You would like the library to check links on your resource list
  • You would like the new list attached to the module hierarchy in Talis, which is essential to embed a list/sections in Brightspace

Remember that if you make changes to your list that involve print materials and do not send it for review, the library will have no way of knowing that new materials are being requested. This leads to frustration for the student and also reduces the likelihood that the book will be purchased as an eBook.

Deadline Dates - Requesting books (print or eBooks) for modules

In order to increase the ability of UHI Library services to procure books in a timely manner and resolve any possible issues with suppliers, it is suggested:

  • Any additional books to support modules running in Semester 1 of the new academic year should be requested between now and the middle of June. 
  • Any additional books to support modules running in Semester 2 can also be submitted before the summer break but ideally by late November at the latest.

Further details on the reasons for these deadlines can be found on the Reading List Procedure page.

If you are unsure whether a review is required, please ask your subject librarian as they will be happy to assist.

When to publish immediately

There are many circumstances where you can publish your list immdetiatley without the nedd to request a Review. These include:

  • Adding full-text articles, journals or other electronic resources that the university already subcribes to. For example, Ebscohost, Science Direct, British Standards, LinkedIn learning etc.
  • Adding freely available content from the web, such as Youtube videos, news articles, radio programmes, podcasts etc.
  • Changing the layout or structure of your list, including new sections or sub-categories.
  • Adding notes for students or other annotations.
  • Moving items from one section to another
  • Any other action which you think will require no purchasing of stock by the library

Again, if you are unsure, please contact your subject librarian who will be able to assist.