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Resource Lists (Staff)

Brightspace resource list integration

Lecturers can now embed Module Resource list content directly in Brightspace. The benefits include:

  • An improved student experience by providing easy and consistent access to reading materials.
  • Lists are available at point of need, so there's no need to search a separate system or visit the library website.
  • Ensure stable access to learning resources over time. There's no need to copy and paste links or details into the VLE, as Talis creates persistent links to a wide variety of resources. 
  • Add weekly reading or sub-categories with additional reading that is specific to a particular seminar or assignment. 
  • The ability to annotate lists to provide additional context to students. How much of the resource should they read? What pages?  What key themes should they focus on?

The available embedding options depend on how the list has been structured in the Talis Aspire reading list software.  Full training will be available soon encouraging academics to edit their Resource Lists in conjunction with the library service.

Embedding list content in Brightspace

This short video demonstrates how to embed your resource list in Brightspace using a few simple steps.

Adding a list to Brightspace

A step-by-step guide detailing the steps in the above video. 

Brightspace navigation bar

In modules where list content has not been embedded directly in the learning materials, it is still possible to access the Module Resource Lists site (Talis Aspire) via the Brightspace navigation bar in the Library Resources section. Users can then search for their list using the module code or title. As Talis Aspire is predominantly an HE service at the moment, this link does not appear in the FE navigation bar.

brightspace navigation bar



If you experience any difficulties using the Reading List Tool in Brightspace please open a ticket on Unidesk including the module code of the list in question.

If no reading list exists for your module yet please contact your subject network librarian who will be able to assist.