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Resource Lists (Staff)

Create a Profile

Before editing and publishing lists, you need to create a user profile on the system:

  1. Go to the Talis Aspire homepage.
  2. Log In using your university ID and password.
  3. Once logged in, there will be an option to Create a Profile.
  4. Follow the steps on screen.
  5. We recommend making your profile 'public' so that students can search for your list by name. Your email address will never be made public, but we suggest using your institutional one rather than a personal one.
  6. Save profile and you are now ready to request publishing rights.

It is important that you login whenever you are using the system from then on, as you will then be able to view any Draft lists for your course along with those that are public and visible to students.

Become a list publisher

Once you have a profile, request editing rights on the system by requesting access via Servicedesk.

You will shortly receive a email from asking you to confirm your details. Follow the link and editing rights will be added to your account.

Note that the Talis invite email occasionally goes to clutter email folders. Please check there before contacting the Servicedesk.

Adding the bookmark button

Once you have created a profile and become a list publisher you can then start editing lists. Adding the Talis bookmarking button to your browser is the first step. Subsequent pages in this guide take you through the full bookmarking and editing process.

Videos are best viewed in full screen. Within the media player the 'CC' button can be used to toggle caption on/off.

The demonstration is using the Google Chrome web browser. Firefox can also be used but Internet Explorer should be avoided.

Talis browser extension

The Talis bookmarking browser extension can be downloaded at the following links. Choose the one that applies to your usual web browser. Note that Chrome extensions can be installed in the Edge browser.

Once you have installed the extension for the first time, click the Talis symbol and select 'University of Highlands and Islands' on the list. You can now use the extension to bookmark resources.