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Electronic Resources


The A-Z Online Collections page provides a list of all the library resources subscribed to or purchased by the University.  It also includes resources that are freely available on the internet that are considered to be relevant to university courses.

The top of the page looks like the image below and allows you to filer the resources by subject level e.g. history, nursing, or by type e.g. full text, abstracts

A-Z Frequently Asked Questions

A-Z Frequently Asked Questions

I get no results, what is the search box for?

The search at the top of the page is for finding eCollections (sometimes know as databases). For example, Ebsco, Science Direct etc. It does not search at book or article level. Searching book titles will produce no results.

Where do I find books and eBooks then?

The library catalogue contains all print and eBooks. Alternatively, the eBook guide contains a search box solely for electronic books and some further guidance.

What about journal and newspaper articles?

You can enter your chosen collection and then search for journal articles. An alternative is to use Library Search, which produces results across the majority of our collections, linking straight to the full-text.

And British Standards?

Entering a standard number into the A-Z search box will produce no results. British standards can be found in British Standards Online under "B" on the list. Login to the collection then search by standard number.

If you need any assistance finding a book, eBook, journal article or standard please contact your college library and they will be happy to help.