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Creative Industries


Just the tip of the iceberg 

What you see on the library shelves is only a small proportion of the books available through the UHI Libraries. Electronic books make up a large proportion of our stock. Here you can see a selection of ebook titles, just to give a flavour of what is available. Almost all eBooks are now listed in the library catalogue.-

By original image by Uwe Kils, Wiska Bodo - Losslessly cropped Image:Iceberg.jpg, CC BY-SA 3.0,


Search for journal articles and more...

The University of the Highlands and Islands library services subscribe to a large number of electronic collections - a rich source of material relevant to your studies. You can either search individual collections (listed below), our use the Multisearch (search box above) to search across them all.

Performance Archive
Click on the link above for:
  • interviews with key figures in performance history and contemporary practice;
  • masterclasses with specialist performance trainers from around the world;
  • footage direct from legendary practitioners;
  • excerpted and full-length contemporary productions and experiments;
  • documentaries previously unavailable to global audiences:
  • and specially commissioned contextual essays accompanying each entry from knowledgeable practitioners and scholars.