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Referencing, and RefWorks and EndNote

An overview of the UHI Harvard referencing system, and the RefWorks and EndNote reference management tools


There are two ways of managing and displaying your references in Microsoft Word:

The choice will likely be down to personal preference, although if you are referencing large a large number of sources and likely to reuse them across various assignments or research then we would recommend using Refworks and RCM.

This guide will help you get started with either option.

Microsoft Word referencing tool

Please note this guidance only applies to the Microsoft Word desktop version/app. It is not possible to use these features on the web version of Word 365 as Microsoft do not support it. If you only have access to the web version, please use Refwork's Citation Manager as described further down this page, or install free Microsoft Office for UHI Staff and Students.

On UHI computers, Harvard Cite Them Right has already been installed in Word. In the referencing styles list it is called: Harvard - UHI CTR. There are also instructions avaialble for installing it on personal devices.

Although this feature complies as closely as possible with Cite Them Right 12th edition, reference lists constructed using this method should be checked against Cite Them Right website or textbook before submission.

Cite them right word









Refworks Citation Manager

If Refworks Citation Manager (RCM) is not already available in Word, you can add it by following these simple steps:

Open Word

Go to Insert > Get Add-ins

Select Admin Managed

install RCM add-in












Select Refworks Citation Manager and then Add at the foot of the screen.

You will now have a new tab in Word called RCM.

Select RCM and login with your Refworks credentials.

RCM login

You can now login using your UHI institutional username and password by searching 'highlands' and clicking the resulting link.

login using uhi details


This short video provides an overview of using Refworks Citation Manager in Micorosft Word.