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Referencing, and RefWorks and EndNote

An overview of the UHI Harvard referencing system, and the RefWorks and EndNote reference management tools

Using Write-N-Cite with New RefWorks

RefWorks currently offers two writing tools which enable you to cite references from RefWorks directly into your document as you write it. The writing tools are:

  • Write-N-Cite (WNC)
  • RefWorks Citation Manager (RCM) - suitable with Office 2016 or later and Mac computers.


WNC is maintained to support older versions of Windows and Word or to allow you to complete documents you started writing with WNC. It may be phased out in the long term and if your computer is suitable you may wish to move to RCM for new documents.

WNC is not compatible with Office 365 online.  You must open your document in 'Desktop app' to use WNC or alternatively use RefWorks Citation Manager (RCM).

WNC is not compatible with recent versions of Mac OS. You must use RCM.

Documents created with WNC cannot be modified with RCM. 

See  Finding the Right Writing Tool Add-on to check which writing tool is best for your operating system and version of Microsoft Word. The link for your version will give download or installation guidance.

Also see the necessary computer Requirements to operate WNC.

When you have an account in New RefWorks go to the button that says 'Tools' on the top ribbon then click on the drop down link that says 'Tools' :

On that new page you will see information towards the bottom of the page that says 'Use RefWorks Add-Ons for your papers...Other Word versions: For other Word Versions install Write-N-Cite'.  A link takes you to a page showing : 

and there is information telling you how to check whether you are running a 32 bit or 64 bit platform.

NOTE: the IT versions are for use by administrators only and not by end-users.

Upgrading WNC documents to work with New RefWorks

Remember: take a backup / copy of any documents you created using WNC and Legacy RefWorks before upgrading those documents to use WNC with new RefWorks.

Depending on which version of WNC and Word you are using, see above, it is possible to continue to use WNC with New RefWorks.  However, there are important considerations before you upgrade from Legacy to New RefWorks, and then using WNC with New RefWorks.

Make sure you have the most recent version of WNC installed. Upgrading a document is available with Write-n-Cite version 4.5.1645 for Windows and 4.5.1683 for Mac or later.

Make sure you are logged into New RefWorks before you open a document created with WNC.  When opening a document created using Legacy RefWorks and signing into WNC with your New RefWorks account, you are then prompted to upgrade the document: 

You may get a pop-up box with security warning. You will need to click 'Yes' to accept this message for the upgrade to proceed. Note that if you are using multiple screens, the pop-up may have appeared on a different monitor.

You should receive a message telling you when the upgrade is complete. Additionally you may see a pop-up message asking "Which project contains the references cited in this document?" and giving a drop-down list to choose from. In most instances, the project name will be the name of your Legacy RefWorks database and you simply need to click Done.

If the upgrade is unsuccessful, WNC notifies you as shown in the following screen:

In WNC, log out and log in with your Legacy RefWorks credentials. This prompts Legacy RefWorks to sync the references in your document and prepare your document for upgrade. Log back in to WNC with your New RefWorks credentials and restart the document upgrade process.

If the upgrade is still unsuccessful, re-upgrade your legacy RefWorks account in one of the following ways:

- Log in to your Legacy RefWorks account and upgrade your account. Re-upgrading ensures there are no missing references in your New RefWorks account.

- Import your references and styles from Legacy RefWorks to New RefWorks.

- Try again - i.e make sure you are logged in to New RefWorks, open your Word document, log into WNC with your New RefWorks credentials, follow the instructions again and see if it works.

If you are still having problems please raise a call with the UHI Service Desk and ask for assistance.