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Referencing, and RefWorks and EndNote

An overview of the UHI Harvard referencing system, and the RefWorks and EndNote reference management tools

Exporting References from / Importing save references file into New RefWorks.

There may be occasions when you decide to / or have to export your references from New RefWorks.  For example, your eMail address might change within your institution, or you might be moving to another institution, or you might decide to use another referencing tool.

Exporting references to then re-import into RefWorks

1. Before your eMail address changes, ensure your 'All References' button is clicked on the top left of your current New RefWorks account


2. Click on the 'Share' button in your New RefWorks account

3. Click on 'Export references' link


Make sure the 'All references' and 'RIS Format' buttons are 'ticked' - see below.


4. Use the 'Export' button, see above, to export these references to a location on your computer.  This may take a few moments.  You will know if it is working if you see the 'Export' button changing to 'Processing'.  Make sure the file is saved as a .ris file.

Depending on the browser you are using you may see the following message :

- you should then save the file as a .ris file to your local area. You can give the file a new name : 

Do not add any more references to the current New RefWorks account until after your eMail address changes.

When your eMail address changes you will need to create a new 'New RefWorks' account and import your saved .RIS file.

Reimporting the .ris file

1. To reimport the .ris file from where you have stored it, click on the 'Add' button in New RefWorks (see above) then click on the 'Import References' link

You will then be taken to a page where it shows the words 'Import File'.

2. Obtain the file from where you have stored it via either a drag and drop action from your computer or clicking on the 'Import from your computer' link. You will then see the screen below.  Make sure you click on the drop down arrow and then choose the top 'RIS Format' - you may have to scroll to see it.

3. Click on the top 'RIS Format' and click on the 'Import' button. You should then see the screen below:

Make sure you have the 'Import tags from database' box ticked.  Click on the 'Import' button.

Your references should now be in your new account.