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Harvard Cite Them Right - 12th edition (Coming Soon)


This guide provides information and answers some questions on the upcoming changes to the referencing system that is used by the majority of courses in UHI.

What is changing?

From August 1st 2023, the UHI Harvard referencing style and guide will be replaced by Harvard Cite Them Right (12th edition).

Why is it changing?

UHI Harvard has been in use since 2008. It is increasingly outdated and not suitable for the wide variety of content that is being referenced in modern teaching and research. Adopting a new standard will provide clarity on referencing modern sources and improve the support that is available to students and staff. Some benefits of Cite Them Right include:

  • An accessible support site which teaches users how to reference just about any source
  • Encourages students to identify and correct their own referencing mistakes
  • There is a dedicated support site that will be maintained on an ongoing basis which replaces the outdated UHI guide that was difficult to update and maintain.
  • It includes a new referencing and plagiarism tutorial that can be accessed by all UHI staff and students. Staff will have the option to embed the tutorial in their Brightspace courses or modules.
  • There is an accompanying textbook that the library will hold in electronic and print format. The print version of the book is reasonably priced at around £12-15. Students and staff may wish to purchase a copy for their own reference

What tools are available?

Along with being a referencing style, Cite Them Right includes a support site that demonstrates how to construct references.

The library service is also working with vendors to ensure that Cite Them Right (12th edition) is available in supported referencing tools such as Refworks and Endnote. The Library Search platform currently exports references in the 10th edition but the vendor is working on introducing the latest version by summer 2023.

There are also plans to make the Cite them Right style available when using the referencing tools in Microsoft Word. For those with a Refworks account, installing the Refworks Citation Manager in Word will achieve a similar outcome.

What about other styles?

Although Harvard Cite Them Right will be the main style that is recommended and supported by the university and library service, a number of courses use alternative styles. These include, but are not limited to:

  • APA (Psychology)
  • Chicago (Philosophy)
  • Cite Them Right MHRA (HTC)

Cite Them Right supports other non-Harvard styles and information will be available on the support site. Please check with your lecturer/tutor to ensure that you are using the correct style for your course.

I'm halfway through my course, can I keep using UHI Harvard?

Although UHI Harvard will no longer be updated or supported, it is at the tutors' discretion as to whether they accept submissions using UHI Harvard in the third and fourth year of courses and postgraduate courses or move immediately to Cite Them Right. Please check with them to ensure you are using the correct system. A link will be provided to the old UHI Harvard guide on the referencing pages for those who still require it. This link will be removed at the end of the 24/25 academic year.

From 25/26 all students will be using Cite Them Right with some small exceptions (see "What about other styles?" above)

Where will I find additional information?

In the coming weeks this Libguide will be updated with further information. If you are lecturer and directing users to the current referencing guide, please ensure that you use the following link in your learning materials as it will have all the required information about Cite Them Right on August 1st:

We appreciate this will be a significant change but remaining on the current system was not an option. Support will be provided to ensure that there minimal complications during the transition.

Please do not link to the UHI Harvard guide or put the guide in the VLE.

If you have any queries about this transition, please submit a question and someone from library team will get back to you soon.