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UHI Perth Library

UHI Perth Library user guide

Accessing our online bookshop

The university has a partnership with John Smiths' bookshop.  In order to qualify for free postage on any items you order, you need to register first.

Books on a reading list (Talis) will benefit from a 10% discount.

Second-hand books

When books are no longer needed by the Library, we offer them for sale at heavily discounted prices.  Our withdrawn books are available to view periodically on a clearly marked trolley in the Library.  They are withdrawn because they are older editions, in poor physical condition or no longer required.

We do not have a lot of storage space so we cannot accept all donations but we do accept some if they are on current Resource Lists. So if you are having a clear out or want to get rid of your old course books remember to check with library staff first before bringing in donations.  We cannot sell books on your behalf but there is a Facebook page where students can buy/swap/sell books here  This Facebook page is run by a student and is not a library page.