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UHI Perth Library user guide

Module reesource lists

Using resource lists is a quick and easy way to find your reading material. The software is called Talis Aspire and is used by a large number of universities.

For further information on using resource lists, please take a look at this useful guide or watch the Resource Lists video

You can access the homepage of Talis Aspire here.

How does the Library decide what books to buy?

The Librarian checks resource lists to determine which books will be purchased.  We will always seek to stock copies of the Core reading on your lists.  If an eBook version of a title exists, these will also be available for you to use.  If your lecturer is recommending a book which is not on our shelves, please speak to a member of the Library team.  We can borrow it from another university partner library or purchase a copy for you to borrow.