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Referencing, and RefWorks and EndNote

An overview of the UHI Harvard referencing system, and the RefWorks and EndNote reference management tools


Upgrading short documents created with WNC and Legacy RefWorks works fairly well. However, if you are working on a long document containing many citations (e.g. your dissertation or thesis) it may be best to complete it with legacy RefWorks if there is time prior to 'Legacy' being retired on 30th June 2023. Ask the Library for guidance.

If you upgrade a document created using Write-N-Cite (WNC) and Legacy RefWorks, you can continue to work on it using WNC and New RefWorks provided you have the correct version of Word to use with both WNC and New RefWorks

You can't use an upgraded WNC document with the new 'RefWorks Citation Manager' (RCM) tool. You may use RCM with new documents if you wish. See further information about RCM

You must have a New RefWorks account showing the words 'University of the Highlands and Islands' in the account, and be logged into that account, before you start to upgrade your WNC created document to one using RefWorks Citation Manager. 

Upgrading documents containing WNC Citations to RCM

  1. Take a back up copy of the document you wish to upgrade.
  2. It is recommended that you upgrade WNC to at least version 4.6.279 before upgrading your document. 
  3. To find your version of WNC in Word click the RefWorks tab and then select Preferences.
  4. On your own computer login to Legacy RefWorks and click the Tools menu. Select the version of WNC for your computer e.g. 32 bit or 64bit.
  5. Upgrade from Legacy RefWorks to New RefWorks.
  6. Install RefWorks Citation Manager in Word. 
  7. Log in to New RefWorks prior to starting the upgrade. 
  8. Open up the document in question and log in to RCM with your New RefWorks credentials. 
    The following screen should appear. Follow the screen instructions to upgrade your document.

  9. In some cases, you may encounter an RCM screen titled 'Prepare your document for upgrade'. Read through the steps carefully (below and in RCM) and select Log in with your Legacy RefWorks credentials.
    - Select the button 'Log in with your legacy RefWorks credentials'.

    - From the main menu select 'Documents and references' to refresh the document with recent updates.
    - Log out of RCM.

    - Log back in with your New RefWorks credentials
    - Select 'Upgrade this document' and follow the steps.

  10. If the upgrade is still unsuccessful, re-upgrade your legacy RefWorks account in one of the following ways:
    - Log in to your Legacy RefWorks account and upgrade your account.

    - Import your references and styles from Legacy RefWorks to New RefWorks.

    As part of the authorization process, RefWorks prompts you to log in to your legacy account. Enter your credentials and select Login.

    Importing direct from Legacy RefWorks imports your references and any custom citation styles from your legacy account to your RefWorks account. RefWorks notifies you when the process is complete.

  11. After re-upgrading your legacy RefWorks account, open your document, log in to RCM with your New RefWorks credentials and try again.  If you are still having problems please contact the UHI Service Desk .