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Research Publishing (Open Access)

Open access compliance and REF 2021

Frequently asked questions

Q. Do UKRI (RCUK) provide FAQs?
A. Yes, the UKRI OA policy, FAQs (last updated 1 May 2019).

​Q. If an article has already been published via an open access only journal, or via other media such as an author's personal website, does the article also have to be deposited in PURE?
A. Yes, this applies to the author version of journal articles and conference proceedings with an International Standard Serial Number (ISSN) that have been accepted for publication after 1 April 2016.

Q. What version of the article should be uploaded into PURE?
A. This is dependent on several factors. If the article has been published via the Gold model, then the post-print (author-accepted manuscript) version can be uploaded. If the Green model has been used, then it may be either the pre-print (author's original) or the post-print (author-accepted manuscript), depending on the license terms agreed with the publisher. UHI's Researcher Resources guidance provides a simple workflow.
Confusion may also arise because some publishers actually make early versions of articles available via their own interfaces. An example of this is manuscripts which have been accepted for publication in Elsevier journals but have not yet been assigned to specific issues. Science Direct identifies these as Articles in Press which may be cited via DOI prior to official publication.

Q. What is the deadline for depositing research outputs in PURE?
A. Three months from the publisher's formal acceptance (whatever the communication format). Not, as sometimes believed, three months from publication.