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eResources : Browser Extensions

Small pieces of software help you and your browser to find more journal articles.

General information

  • Owned by Third Iron and is part of the Browzine subscription – an alternative way to find journals
  • User needs to be part of a university
  • Only available on Chrome - searches automatically
  • Checks open access journals; hybrid journals
  • Uses Unpaywall data sources
  • Integrated with PubMed and Wikipedia to take you to full text articles
  • Will work as long as the university continues to subscribe to Browzine
24th June 2020 : Update: The browser extension has been expanded and now supports the browsers Edge, Vivaldi, and Brave Users of these browsers simply need to add the LibKey.Nomad extension to get started. For those who prefer of the Firefox browser:
LibKey Nomad is being developed for this popular browser and will be supported in the coming months.


Where to find it

Can only be used on Chrome  -

Using Libkey Nomad

  • Register as a member of the University of the Highlands and Islands
  • It searches automatically
  • Initially searches: subscribed journals; fully open access journals; aggregators; URL information
  • Moves on to - searching Unpaywall data
  • Finally – utilises further ‘Access Options’
  • It searches using DOI’s e.g. doi: /10.1097/BRS.0000000000003140 and PubMed IDs e.g. PMID: 29435499
  • Results are shown as