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eResources : Browser Extensions

Small pieces of software help you and your browser to find more journal articles.

Browser Extensions : general information

What are they :

  • small pieces of free software which can be installed, generally, to the top right of your browser, shown as small images (icons)
  • for library eResources they are tools which can help your browser to search for freely available journal articles
  • they either work automatically or you have to click on them to get them to go and do the work of searching for the articles
  • Open Access Button and Core have websites that can be used to search for articles
  • Libkey Nomad is accessible because of one of the university subscriptions - Browzine
  • Kopernio has a search box in the browser extension


  • they have limitations e.g. they don't search across all the content on the web
  • test them on different browsers to see which one works best with which browser
  • adding extensions to FireFox on campus may depend on local policies at each academic partner
  • Don't try to put all of them onto one browser - it may cause confusion and / or complications if each extension is competing against each other
  • Don't assume all browser extensions are safe - check with your local IT department / library staff if you have concerns
  • Don't confuse them with plug-ins.  They are different.