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Library Support for Research Students and Staff

A Guide to library services for Research students and staff at the University of the Highlands and Islands

Welcome to the Library Services of the University of the Highlands and Islands

Libraries at the University of the Highlands and Islands - not your usual campus library

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If you have come to the university from a traditional campus-based institution, our libraries may seem very different. Rather than one large library on six or seven floors of a central building, our study spaces and print book collections are spread throughout the region, from Shetland to Perth, Campbeltown to Elgin. Because of this, we rely on electronic library resources to a great extent and have developed an intersite loan service to enable students and staff to borrow print books from all our academic partner libraries. This service is free of charge. Your local campus library staff are there to help you negotiate the services - get to know them, whether by email, VC or in person,  and your access to resources will be a breeze! 

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The main Library pages of the university's website are here

During the current COVID-19 restrictions, some library services may be suspended or limited. Please check our guide Coronavirus: Changes to Library Services for more details on these changes.


 The Library Services are provided jointly by the LIS Libraries team (part of the university's executive office) and by the Libraries of the individual academic partners.

LIS provides the electronic element -

LIS also provides

  • In the case of research staff and students, we provide an InterLibrary Loan and Document Supply service for materials from outside the university.
  • In conjunction with the Research Support Officer, we also provide guidance and input on
  • An annual review of electronic resources for the university's research community. New resources can be added on request at any time, budget permitting.

Your local Academic Partner Library provides

A selection of eBooks on Research