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Copyright Information for Staff

Useful information on copyright compliance

YOU HAVE BEEN AUDITED! What happens when you get an email from the CLA Licence Coordinator

All HE modules that appear on the VLE are checked periodically by the CLA Licence Coordinator to make sure that the content complies with the HE CLA licence.

After the module is checked an email will be sent to the Module Leader and to the designated checker at your partner college. There is then a two month period allowed for you to correct any issues that have been flagged up.

The module will then be rechecked to ensure compliance.

For any help you need please contact

When you see images online it is easy to think that they are free to use, In reality everything published on the internet is most likely to be protected by copyright laws. However, some rights-holders allow their images to be used by others freely or with some rights reserved. Sharing images this way has been formalised by the Creative Commons licence, 

There are many places where you can find images that are free to use. Once you find an image that is free to use you must attribute it to its source/author.


 Attribution: © British Geological Survey / NERC. All rights reserved.  Licensor

More details on sites where you can find copyright free images and the Creative Commons licence can be found below..                                                                             

A deep link is a hypertext link to a page on a website that is not its homepage. Some sites prohibit deep linking as it means readers will not see advertisements placed on the homepage. Deep linking is often used by lecturers to provide links to individual electronic articles. It is good practice to provide a reference for the link, and also to inform students that they will need to log in to access the article. For example:

Hofmann, D. 2016, "The Development of Neolithic House Societies in Orkney. Investigations in the Bay of Firth, Mainland Orkney (1994–2014)", Archaeological Journal, , pp. 1-2. You will need to log in to UHI to access this article.

Please see the section on creating stable URL's for more information.

Sometimes lecturers put digital copies of material on Brightspace that is not covered by the CLA HE Licence. You may still use this work if you have permission from the copyright owner. 

If you know the copyright owner personally, you may be able to get permission from them to use their work. Remember to get permission In writing and keep a copy.

When seeking permission for printed works it is usual to request permission via the publisher of the work. Many publishers have permissions departments which deal with these requests. UHI provide a permissions template which can be accessed here.

It is also sometimes possible to purchase a copyright fee paid copy. Please ask your librarian about this service.

If you wish to use content from a website, you should contact the sites webmaster. They can either give permission directly or pass on your request to someone  who can deal with it.

Protect your work

You automatically own the copyright in any work you create, until you transfer or sell it.  Unless... your work was created in the course of your employment, in which case copyright belongs to your employer. Please check your contract and with your AP as copyright terms can vary.

For more information please see UHI's Intellectual Property Framework