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Copyright Information for Staff

Useful information on copyright compliance

The Digital Content Store - for HE Materials only

The Digital Content Store is a repository managed by the CLA. It holds the CLA compliant scans of book and journal extracts for the majority of UK universities. Where you would currently have the link to the scan of the document held within the VLE, the DCS system holds the scan and provides you with a stable link allowing your students to access it .

The great advantages of using the DCS are as follows:- ·

  • No need for the CLA cover sheet.
  • No need to enter the details in the online digital copy register. · If another HEI has already uploaded the same extract, that can be used without you having to get it scanned yourself. ·
  • The DCS automatically checks that the extract can be used, is compliant and does not exceed limits. ·
  • Rollover is automatic, you simply need to confirm that the module is continuing. · Module codes and titles, semester dates and so on are already in the DCS, and the CLA compliance officer will upload for you and match the information already held with the scan submitted. ·
  • All uploading will be done by the CLA Compliance Officer. You would simply fill in an online request form with the relevant details. She will test it in the system for eligibility and if all is well, will upload your scan and advise you of the URL for placing into the appropriate point in the module’s VLE space.

How does it work - New material

When you want to place a scanned extract from a book, or paper copy journal, you simply fill out and submit the online Academic Request Form which can be found at . The details needed are fairly straightforward. If the module you want to add material for is not listed, you can add it yourself, giving both the module code and name. There is no need to provide a scan at this point.


The CLA compliance officer (an employee of UHI)  will check the details against the Digital Content Store for compliance (is it covered by the licence?, has another HEI already uploaded the same abstract?) If the material can be uploaded under the licence, the Compliance Officer will scan your extract and upload it to the DCS. You will then be sent a stable URL to add to the VLE where the PDF would have been,.or/and to add to your Talis reading list.

The university must own a copy of anything that is to be scanned. If we do not currently own a copy, we may buy a copy or we can purchase a copyright fee paid copy from the British Library

What you get and what the student will see

What you will get from us and what the student will see:-

What can you still upload direct to the VLE?

There are many materials that you can use in the VLE that do not come under the CLA HE Licence, but that you can use because they are covered by other aspects of the law.

You need not go through the DCS if any of the following apply:

  • The book is no longer in copyright

  • You have permission from another source that overrides CLA – e.g. the copyright holder

  • The book is part of a product that is purchased with the right to make digital copies

  • The book is under Crown Copyright

  • The book has been published under Creative or another system which allows this type of copying

  • The module leader, or another member of staff  is the copyright holder and has waived copyright

  • It is Open Source

  • The copy is made under an exception to the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act,  1988

Anyone uploading material direct to the VLE directly must indicate under which of the above cases they are doing so. You will still be audited , both externally and internally, so you need to inform the auditor to avoid the scan being highlighted as non-compliant.

For further advice on any of these, please contact

What is NOT covered by the CLA Licence

Some materials are not covered by the CLA. In these cases copyright permissions must be negotiated and paid for on an individual basis.

  • Printed Music

  • Excluded Works (this will be checked for you)

  • Maps and Charts

  • Workbooks, or assignment sheets