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Copyright Information for Staff

Useful information on copyright compliance

Copyright - I Need Help!

Sources of Help 

An easy to print, one-page copy of this tab can be downloaded from SharePoint 

Graphics: I want to use images in the VLE, in PowerPoints etc

  • Use SCRAN - 400,000 images. Log in to SCRAN with your UHI ID and password. 

  • HE staff the HE CLA licence lets you copy images from most UHI library books. 

  • FE staff, speak to your College Librarian about using the FE CLA licence to copy images. 

  • All images used in learning materials and slides, must be referenced, even if they are copyright free and the licence states that no referencing is required. At the very least the viewer must be able to see the original image. In many cases copyright free works also require author attribution. 

  • Don’t use images that have watermarks on them, a watermark indicates you do not have a licence to use the image. 

  • Don’t use other people’s work unless you have the correct licence or written permission. 

Journal articles and books: I want students to read journal articles or book chapters

  • Don’t upload journal articles or books to the VLE. 

Video: I want students to watch a video

  • Use Clickview, Use Clickview, providing a first-class video content resource for effective learning and teaching, videos you can edit and turn into interactive content or upload your own. Choose from feature films, documentaries, BBC content, other educationlists or create your own. 

  • Link to your own content, see Creating and using video content

  • Link to videos that are copyright free. Always check licence conditions before linking. 

  • Always check the copyright status before you share videos with students. While your AP may have a licence to allow you to show videos in the College, these licences do not usually permit online sharing. 

  • Don’t use videos that belong to other people unless you have a licence or written permission from the rights holder.