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Copyright Information for Staff

Useful information on copyright compliance


This guide covers the attribution of third-party materials used in learning and teaching materials. All third-party content in, for example, printed, audio, video or digitised learning and teaching materials must be credited.

Cite written works (e.g. Books, Journals, Webpages, Government Publications, etc) using the UHI reference guidelines, see Access Online Resources, Cite and Reference. 

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UHI Image Library

FE and HE CLA licence

Using your own Material

Images Copied from the Internet

The Attribution takes up more space than the image - what do I do?


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How to attribute Creative Commons Licence

UHI Image Library

If an image is copied from UHI’s image library, cite it as:

© University of the Highlands and Islands 

Link "University of the Highlands and Islands" to

FE and HE CLA licences

For materials used under the HE CLA licence please see the CLA Digital Content Store guidance within this LibGuide.

FE staff, please consult your local librarian. 

Don’t forget that the CLA licence permits you to use images from most books and journals owned by the university. 

Using your Own Material

If you own the Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) to the material (material that has not been created during your employment) and you wish to use it in learning materials, you need to:   grant a free, unconditional, irrevocable, perpetual, non‐exclusive worldwide licence for the use of that material to the university and its academic partners. 

 The university and its academic partners may store, use, distribute, copy and edit the material, in whole or in part, for educational use or for marketing purposes as the university and its academic partners see fit. Granting a licence does not remove your IPR. If you agree to grant this licence, cite the material as: 

(c) (your name), year, licenced to the University of the Highlands and Islands and Academic Partners 

Note: if you do not wish to grant a licence to the university and Academic Partners, please do not use the material in learning and teaching materials. 

Image of red toadstool

(c) (Ruth Priest), 2020, licenced to the University of the Highlands and Islands and Academic Partners 

Images Copied from the Internet


For all images copied from the Internet check the licence conditions for attribution requirements.

For all images copied from the Internet (even those that state they do not require attribution) ensure that you provide enough information to enable a viewer to trace the image back to its source. Some sites provide attribution details that can be copied and pasted into your learning materials. The minimum required for use in learning materials is author, title and URL of the page where the image resides. 

Below is an example showing how to caption and cite an image 

The copyright symbol, a capital C in a circle.

Figure 1: 'Copyright' by OCAL from 

“Copyright” is the title of the work. The title is linked to the page where the work resides  

( OCAL is the person who created the image, their name is linked to their profile page ( is a free clip art site where the image resides ( 

The Attribution takes up more space than the image - what do I do?

All images require attribution for use in learning materials – this applies even to those that state they do not require attribution. There must be enough information for the viewer to trace the image back to its source. The minimum is author, title and URL. In some cases (e.g. on slides) it is difficult to place the required attribution under the image. In these cases, use an attribution slide or page that clearly lists attributions for all of the images.  


For more information or help please contact your local librarian. 

For CLA help, HE staff should contact

FE staff should contact their local librarian.