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UHI North, West and Hebrides Library Facilities and Services

Information and guidance about using NWH Libraries

Who does the North, West and Hebrides Library Charter apply to?

All UHI staff and students, registered SCONUL and registered UHI NWH External users, are entitled to use UHI NWH libraries.  UHI students should always bring their student ID with them when using UHI NWH libraries.  Registered SCONUL and UHI NWH External users should always bring their library card with them when using UHI NHW libraries. 

UHI North, West and Hebrides Library Service commitment

UHI NWH Library Service commitment 

The UHI NWH Library Service is committed to supporting all UHI NWH students and staff by providing high-quality, cost-effective information and learning resource services through a range of media. 

To achieve this, the UHI NWH Library staff team will: 

  • Provide a friendly, professional service to support the learning and research needs of our users. 

  • Treat all Library Service users with courtesy and respect. 

  • Collect and manage Library resources to support study programmes. 

  • Provide fair and equitable access to resources for as many users as possible. 

  • Support, help and advise you in information handling/research skills to make best use of resources available. 

  • Improve the collections and services on a continuing basis. 

  • Communicate with our users in a clear, accurate and timely manner. 

  • Respond appropriately with any complaints. 

  • Keep your personal details secure and in accordance with Data Protection legislation. 

  • Welcome your suggestions for improvements to the service. 

UHI North, West and Hebrides Library Service Users’ responsibilities

UHI NWH Library Service users are expected to: 

  • Treat other library service users and library staff with respect and courtesy. 

  • Be considerate of other library service users’ by; keeping the library a quiet place to browse and study, turning mobile phones to silent, conducting group work only in the designated area.  If library users are accompanied by children, children must remain with their parent/guardian and should not be left unaccompanied or be allowed to disturb other library users. 

  • Food is not permitted in UHI NWH libraries. Drinks are permitted, but must have lids. 

  • Carry your ID/library card when visiting our libraries and never lend it to anyone else. 

  • Ensure that address and contact information, held by UHI NWH, is accurate and up to date. 

  • Make sure that all library materials are issued/recorded before removing them from the library. 

  • Treat all library resources and equipment with care. 

  • Check your Library account regularly to know when items borrowed are due for return. 

  • Return items on time, or request loan renewals in good time, respecting the needs of other users. Failure to do this will result in an invoice being issued to cover the replacement cost of the items, this will also incur a non-negotiable administrative fee. 

  • Accept responsibility for all resources borrowed.  Library loans are non-transferrable. 

  • Accept and pay costs for any lost, or damaged, library resources on loan. 

  • Observe copyright, and other legal, restrictions on the use of online and print resources. 

  • Observe any instructions from Library staff.