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Highland Health Sciences Library

Description of Library and services



All UHI student and students from other institutions on placement with NHS Highland are entitled to use the library, along with other students registered through the SCONUL scheme.

NHS Highland and Integrated staff

Membership of the university library is available to NHS Highland and Integrated Care staff. Please bring along your identification card when you visit the Library.

You will be asked to complete a registration form, available from the Issue Desk in the Library or online -  A Library card will be issued, valid for one year at a time, or the length of your contract.

If you require access to electronic resources, NHS Highland members are advised to use the Knowledge Network, which provides a variety of databases and full text electronic journals. An Athens account is required to access these resources - this can be acquired from the NHS web site under 'Why Register?".

There are a number of computer workstations in the Library which are linked into the University Network.  There are also two machines linked in to the University of Aberdeen Network and a further four machines linked in the the NHS Highland Network.

Visitors to the Library

The University is happy to share its considerable resources with those in the surrounding area who can benefit from them.

Access for the public : any member of the local community is welcome to use the library for reference purposes. If you wish to borrow, this can be done by joining the library as a private member. Please ask at the Issue Desk.

Access for students from other universities : students from other universities may use the library for reference purposes. No formal application is required except for access to the special collections. Postgraduate students from other institutions can apply to their own university library for a SCONUL membership card - this will permit borrowing at our Library free of charge. Your Library must be part of the SCONUL scheme. Otherwise, if you wish to borrow, this can be done by joining the library as an Private Member. Please see 'Joining' below.

Access for staff from other universities: staff from other HE institutions can apply for a SCONUL card from your home Library. This will permit borrowing at our Library. Please bring your SCONUL card to our Issue Desk.

Access for school pupils: School pupils may use the library for reference only. 


External readers who wish to borrow may do so on payment of an annual subscription of £12. The fee is waived for those with SCONUL membership cards.

Borrowers may register at the Issue Desk within the times that the Library is staffed. Cards are normally available on registration.