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SAMS Library

Wyville-Thomson Library

Journals and e-journals


SAMS still gets a handful of journals in print format, the most recent editions are on the magazine display shelves on the 1st floor. Our journal archive is on the ground floor (the 'stacks') directly behind Reception. Here you will find print journals going back sometimes to the 1800s. A list of our holdings is available. You are welcome to browse the stacks but please don't remove any items from the library. You are welcome to take anything of interest up to read in the 1st floor study area, or make a copy of the item of interest before returning the journal.


SAMS has it's own journal subscriptions and belongs to journal consortiums which give staff and students full text access to a huge number of titles by ip address. If you are on site and using a SAMS computer you will get direct access to articles in these collections. (Staff by vpn when offsite). 

A second route to full text access is via UHI e-journals. Search UHI online journals by journal title or ISSN. For journals subscribed to by UHI library service you will be able to access the full text. Access may be limited by date range. Once you have identified a journal(s) click on the title to see the date range covered by our subscription. Some journals will have more than one link to the full text. Make sure you select the one with the date range you need e.g. some links will include an embargo period for the most recently published articles but there may be an alternative link to include these.

SAMS journals are moving towards more alignment with UHI, for example our Wiley subscription is now with UHI.