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Sconul Access Scheme information

Sconul Access Scheme
This scheme enables UHI students and staff to use other university libraries in different parts of the UK

UHI is a member of the SCONUL Access scheme, a cooperative scheme that supports the learning resource needs of distance learning, part-time, and placement students, along with academic and support staff, in the UK. 

As a UHI student or staff member, you can access other libraries within the scheme.

  • To join, visit
  • Complete Step #1 by selecting what kind of user you are and Step #2 by selecting the name of your institution and clicking on find
  • You will then see a map of libraries you can apply to
  • Click on the red marker on the map of the chosen institution and click on apply for access. Once approved, the approval can be used to access any participating university library. You need only select one.
  • Complete the online library access application form and submit
  • You will then receive an email to confirm your application has been sent*
  • Once your application has been approved you will receive an email which you must print off and take with you to the institution along with your home university library or ID card.
  • You will not be approved if you have overdue loans on your account, or owe any billed costs for the replacement of lost or damaged library items. If denied, you should get in touch with your UHI campus library to resolve any outstanding matters. Once resolved, you are free to re-apply.

The borrowing arrangements, for example, the number of books you may borrow, are at the discretion of each individual university. There may be some restrictions on the types of materials you can borrow, such as books in high demand at that particular institute.  You should also appreciate that local libraries, even academic ones, may not stock books or journals relevant to your area of study.

Note that licensing agreements usually restrict access to electronic databases to staff and students enrolled in that particular university or college.

Be prepared to abide by the rules of the library you wish to use, including any COVID restrictions and special measures. You will be responsible for any fines or replacement costs incurred.

Should you have any queries please contact your academic partner library for details.

*If your application is denied you will receive an email to notify you.