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WMS library staff guide

An overview of some of the main functions and features in the WMS library system. A combination of OCLC support materials and the longer training sessions that OCLC provided during the implementation. Ths guide is for library staff and not library users.


This staff guide provides an overview of the main functions in the Worldshare Management Services (WMS) library system. It is intended library staff who are new to WMS or require a refresher.

During the system implementation, OCLC provided a general overview of the new system which is a good place to start if you were not able to attend. The video can be found in the Sharepoint videos folder. If you have difficulties viewing the video, please request access in Sharepoint.

The rest of the guide is divided into various sections:

  • Circulation
  • Cataloguing/Metadata
  • LibrarySearch/WorldCat
  • Acquisitions (Coming Soon)
  • Serials (Coming Soon)

It is mainly video content and links from the OCLC support site, along with some further training sessions which were provided by OCLC during implemetation. Underneath many of the videos there are links to support materials with further information.

In the Cataloguing/Metadata section there is a tutorial that cataloguers should aim to complete before adding records to the system. There is also documentation about the types of content that can be added to WorldCat.