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Changes to library eResource (EZproxy) links

EZproxy changes

The library team and LIS department have been working on migrating the EZproxy system to a cloud-based solution which will result in many eResource links changing. As a result, you might have to alter any URLs that you have either bookmarked in your browser or added directly to learning materials, including those in Brightspace* and Forge objects. This guide explains what is changing and the action required to ensure that links do not break.

*Talis Resource Lists that are embedded in Brightspace will be updated by the library service (further details below).

What is EZproxy?

It simplifies off-campus access to the university eResource subscriptions by creating specially constructed URLs that pass each user through EZproxy. This indicates to the resource supplier that the user is coming from a recognised University of the Highlands and Islands IP address and that they can be granted access to the content. It removes the need to 'find your institution' when accessing subscribed electronic content as the links are specific to UHI.

What do I have to do?

Any links that contain should be changed to

The rest of the URL will remain the same, for example:



When the old EZproxy server is switched off, any links containing will no longer work. This includes those copied to Brightspace, Forge objects, PDFs, Powerpoints or bookmarked in web-browsers.

The library service is currently changing all the affected links in the library system, Talis Aspire and Libguides.

What about Resource Lists?

The library service can apply global updates to links in Talis Aspire Resource Lists and other library systems. Lists and sections embedded in Brightspace will update automatically. You will only have to manually update links if they have been copied to Brightspace outwith the Talis system.

Please note: Even though published Talis list content will be updated, we cannot automatically update links that are in the "My bookmarks" area of Talis. Only those resources that have been added to lists will be updated by the library, as we have no access to an editors bookmark area. You can edit the URL in the edit metadata screen, although it may be easier to delete the item and bookmark it again to get the updated link.

When is being switched off?

The server will be switched off on 31st May 2022. After that point, any links containing eor will no longer work.

Is support available?

If you require any assistance or have a large number of links to change, please open a Servicedesk ticket or contact us via library chat with details of the support you require. If it concerns Brightspace links, please include the module and week number of the resources in question.

If you do not currently use the Talis Aspire reading list system there are details in the staff guide to list editing. All eResource links in Talis can be managed centrally. Students can also report any broken links directly to the library, removing the need for lecturers to check their own links.