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Highland Health Sciences Library: Library Training Room

Description of Library and services

Using the Training Room

The Highland Health Sciences Library has a dedicated training room featuring 12 delegate PCs offering Internet access, and a customised tutor PC which controls an overhead projector unit, and allows use of multimedia including DVD and video. Additionally there are traditional "chalk and talk" tools such as flipcharts available.

  • Basic Internet only is provided.  There is no connection to the NHS network.  No specialist software requirements can be catered for and the course organiser is responsible for testing and checking that the room systems do what they require.  UHI will not accept any responsibility for any problems arising from not testing the room in advance.
  • The course organiser and the course teacher are responsible at all times for the course delegates and their use of the network.
  • If you do not already possess an account to access the UHI network you will need to fill in an account application form - see Network Form link below. This should be filled in by attendees and passed to the course organiser who has to get them back to the University - at least five working days before the course takes place.
  • Course organiser to e-mail these forms to - at least five working days before the course takes place - we will not accept responsibility for late details.
  • Temporary accounts will be created - these are passed to the course organiser/teacher for distribution to delegates.
  • If the course organiser/teacher has not used the training suite before please organise to come in 30 minutes before the course starts to run through the use of the equipment.