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Module Resource Lists

A guide to Module Reading Lists for students and lecturers.


Module Resource Lists provide easy access to course reading for students. You can find your lists by searching the module title or code. This guide provides an overview of the system and will also contain advice on the creation and editing of lists by academics and librarians. Further guidance is available in the Students, Staff and FAQs sections.

Benefits For Students

  • Search for your lists by title or module code
  • Access to Core and Recommended reading
  • The ability to access ebooks, ejournals and articles for your course directly from the list
  • A single site for accessing all Module Resource Lists, meaning no more word documents/PDFs with broken links and inaccurate details.
  • The ability to filter and search longer lists
  • New! Note taking, reading intentions and saving lists for easy access (Further details in the Students tab)
  • Options for printing, sharing and exporting your list
  • A responsive site that looks great on all sizes of device.
  • A feedback button directly to the library.

Benefits for Lecturers

  • Bookmarking from over 260 sources, including Library Search, library databases/articles, LinkedIn learning, Youtube and many more.
  • Create links that the library will maintain, no more cutting and pasting URLs.
  • Create list sections, provide annotations and highlight particular themes.
  • An easy way to create Resource Lists for course validations.
  • Identify new editions of texts
  • Greater control over list content, including weekly reading and sub-categories (only if required).
  • Analytics on list usage and interactions
  • An easier route to copyright compliance and scanned extracts.
  • Embed lists or sections directly in the VLE.

Benefits for Librarians

  • Improved purchasing and stock control
  • Identify books used a on various modules and order accordingly
  • Improved promotion of electronic resources
  • Reports that identify missing items and empty lists
  • Easily fix broken links